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We offer a range of different types of computer work, below is a list of what services we offer:

We basically focus on the technical support side of computers, we will be able to fix any computer problems that needs fixing, also upgrade your old machines so they are up with the latest technology.

We will also build you a computer from scratch to suit your needs.


Computer Repairs

PC diagnostics, this basically involves a general clean up and repair to your computer system, our services start from 35 which includes delivery and pick up charges.

Cleaning up Viruses and checking system, this service involves us undertaking a detailed virus scan, where we check your system for any virus. This service also includes delivery, and starts at 35.

Please email us at and we will send you a full list of our repair services and prices.


Computer Upgrades

We can upgrade virtually all computer components, our prices include labour charges and parts, however please be aware that our prices may vary depending on availability and current item prices.

Below is a brief outline of some of the upgrade services we offer:


If your looking for another upgrade service, please contact us

Custom Built Computers

We offer a range of custom built computers. Brand new, or second-hand. For second-hand parts, please phone or email us for further details, we have a large range of spare parts at very good prices.

We can also build PC's to a given specification if you want us to build you an exact computer system the way YOU want.